Getting Unstuck and Moving Forward: A Three Step Process

Below is a link to my latest guest post on Elephant Journal!

There’s lots of practical advice for getting unstuck and moving forward. And you also get to read about one of the most embarrassing times in my life.

Personally, I think there’s a lot of great information in this post. If you agree, I’d love it if you shared it with other people who might benefit. Thanks!

Getting Unstuck

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Two Recent Guest Posts

I recently had two guests posts published that I wanted to share.

The first was published in Elephant Journal and is called “5 Steps: How To Really Make Our Lives Our Own“. The article seems to have really struck a chord with people.

By the way, I hate the title of the article. Unfortunately, with guest posts, you don’t always have control over things like that. The original title, the one that I suggested, was “What I’ve Learned From Leading An Unconventional Life”. I think that better captures the spirit and intent of the article.

The second was published yesterday in Pick The Brain and is called “4 Steps To A Meaningful Career While Raising A Family“. I originally wrote it as a response to a question that I received in my Facebook group. Since the response was well-received, I decided to make some edits and submit it as a guest post.

And even if you don’t have a family, there’s still some useful advice for making a career change.

If you find value in either of these articles, I’d appreciate it if you would share them with others who could benefit from their messagses. Thanks!!!

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Some Big And (Hopefully) Exciting Changes!

You may have noticed that I haven’t written anything for the past two weeks. There’s a reason for that.

I’ve spent the past year blogging. And what I’ve discovered over that year is that I don’t enjoy blogging. Part of it is that I’ve never enjoyed writing. I think I’m a good writer, I just don’t enjoy it.

But there’s another reason, one that has slowly dawned on me over the past year.

Here’s how blogging generally works. I write something. About half of the people who are subscribed to this blog open the email. And one or two people post a comment. Rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat.

For me, there are a couple of problems with this way of operating. I write what interests me, what I feel inspired to write about in that moment. But I have no idea what YOU want or need.

Secondly, blogs don’t lead themselves to interaction. Ultimately, I’m a coach, I’m not a blogger. As a coach, I need interaction. Without interaction, how can I help you with whatever your challenges are, with whatever difficulties you may be facing?

So as of today, I’m declaring….I am not a blogger!!!

Which leads me to what I hope is some exciting news. I know it is for me and I hope it is for you as well. After investigating my options, I’ve decided to introduce two new things:

  1. I’ve created a Facebook Group called Live Fully: With Purpose + Meaning + Joy. My hope with this group is to create a community, a community where we can support each other in the quest to build lives of meaning and purpose. You can check out the group here at this link.

    I certainly hope you’ll consider joining the group. Facebook groups are designed to be interactive and my hope with this group is that I can support you on your journey through life, wherever you’re headed.

    We’ll talk about all the things that truly matter in life: meaning, purpose, joy, gratitude, happiness, values, spirituality, careers, relationships, and much, much more.

    (BTW, this new Facebook Group is different than my facebook fan page. The fan page, as I’ve discovered, isn’t particularly interactive either – what normally happens is that I post something, a few people click “like” and that’s it).


  2. I’m going to be creating a series of free webinars. The first one will focus on how to create a meaningful life. The second one will focus on the science of positive psychology and how to apply it to daily life. After that, I’ll create one on building relationships through authentic, heartfelt communication. And more will follow after that!

    I hope to have the first webinar done in early January, with a new one to follow every one to two months. Each webinar will also tie into a specific coaching program that will be offered in both group and individual format.

    What excites me about the webinars is that they’re focused on a specific topic. In that way, I hope I can bring more value to your life, rather than just randomly writing about whatever I want on my blog.

    So how do you find out about the webinars? That would be one more reason for joining my Facebook group since I plan on announcing their availability in the group.

Now, that leaves one unanswered question…what becomes of this blog?

Despite my misgivings about blogging, I do plan on continuing this blog. My plan is to write one new post every month, a longer and more in-depth post than what I’ve been writing in the past. And rather than writing whatever I want to write about, I plan on using the discussions from the Facebook group to inform what I blog about.

So that’s it! I hope you’re as excited about these changes as I am! And I hope to see you over on the new Facebook group. Feel free to share the new group info with others who may be interested in joining.

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Weekend Reads: Wisdom From Around The Web

Weekend Reads: Wisdom From Around The Web

It’s Friday so you know what that means…another edition of Wisdom From Around the Web. I’ve picked out three articles that I hope add value to your life:

  • The importance of service as the path to happiness
  • Why children deserve to be treated with respect
  • What to do when you’re feeling lost in life

Happiness is Not For You — Meant To Be Happy

I meant to share this article last week but it slipped through the cracks. Most of us want to be happy. But we often go about looking for it in the wrong way, focusing on our own needs and desires. As the author points out, the heart and soul of happiness is serving other people. By focusing on their happiness, our own will also grow.

Children Are People Too — Happiness Is Here Blog

This is a wonderful article and a great reminder for all of us since we all have contact with children in one form or another.

I’ve read that in the Middle Ages childhood was not viewed as a distinct phase of life. Our views have fortunately evolved over time. At the same time, as the author points out, children are still people even if they are in a different phase of life as adults. And as people, they are “no less deserving of respect and acknowledgement than adults.”

Feeling Lost? What To Do If You Haven’t Got Your Life All Figured Out Yet — Simple Mindfulness

I think we’ve all felt lost at some point in our lives. I know I have, more times than I care to admit.

Let’s face it, we live in a world that can be confusing, overwhelming and that presents us with far too many options. This post has some great suggestions for how to get through those challenging times in your life and refocus on what truly matters.

I hope you enjoy these articles. As always, have a wonderful weekend!

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