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Calling all dreamers, idealists, spiritual seekers, purpose-driven, and heart-centered people

Are you ready to RISK DEEPLY to follow your heart, pursue your dreams, and listen to the call of your soul?

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Hi, I'm Ed Herzog and I'm glad you're here!

My mission is to help you follow your heart, pursue your dreams, and listen to the call of your soul in a way that is 100% unique and authentic to you. 

I want to start by having an honest heart-to-heart talk with you. 

Chances are, for most of your life, you've denied or ignored what you felt in your heart and in your soul. 

Choosing instead to compromise and take the safe path in life, settling for far less than what you truly desire. 

If so, I understand because I too took the safe, conventional path for much of my life. 

The problem with taking the safe, conventional path is that it's tiring. Really, really tiring. 

Not just physically tiring, but tiring deep down in your heart and soul.

Going around all day, wearing a mask, trying to fit in, denying who you are and what you really want. 

Meanwhile, inside of your heart, inside of your soul there's this stirring, this longing. That won't go away.

That keeps calling to you. No matter how many compromises you make, no matter how many times you settle, no matter how many times you ignore it. 

But you're probably also confused. You've spent so much of your life giving in to what other people want, or following the safe, conventional path, that you no longer know what you want in life.

You're no longer sure what your dreams are, or what your heart wants, or how to listen to your soul. 

Which is what I'm here to help you with...

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Ed Herzog - Life Purpose Coach

Tell me what will you do with you one, wild and precious life?

If what I wrote above resonated with you, then you are definitely in the right place!

What I want to do now is invite you on a journey...

  • A journey of discovering who you are at your core. 

  • A journey to living life with passion, and meaning, and purpose. 

  • A journey to forging your own path in life, to living life fully alive and awake.

  • A journey of following your heart, of pursuing your deepest dreams and desires, of listening to the call of your soul.

Now, I'm not going lie to you. This is NOT an easy journey.

But it's far better than staying in that safe, comfortable life that's slowly killing your spirit.

This is also a journey that's best done with a guide, with a mentor, with someone who can help you along the path..

And so I invite you to take this journey with me...and start following your heart, pursuing your deepest dreams and desires, and listening to the call of your soul.

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How do you want to start your journey?

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I’ve been lucky enough to find a dream job in a great place. I am extremely optimistic about the direction my career and life is headed in now, and am thankful to Ed for encouraging me to pursue my dreams.
Rachel Harvey
Before my coaching with Ed, I was struggling with questions about what to do next in my career, and how I can move in a direction that will allow me time for the things that I value most in life. Ed helped to clarify what is important to me, and I will definitely be moving in the direction that he helped me to identify.
James McClure
Working with Ed helped me look at my work prospects in a larger context than what I’d been considering on my own, and his questions showed me new areas that I could focus on in preparing for a job change. It was like rearranging the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that I hadn’t been able to place yet: suddenly it was a lot easier to see where things fit, or at least which section they belonged in.
Danielle Barriga
Danielle Barriga
Ed, it’s been a pleasure getting to know you these past six months, and participating in transformational work together. You have a contagious spirit and a heart-centered approach to coaching, and you’ve definitely made a positive impact in my life path, for which I am very grateful!
Bethany Perron
Bethany Perron

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